The way you sign off your emails tells people a lot more than just who you are. It also tells them how you operate and how business-like you are.

You email signature is a great way to sign off with your personal details and a strong brand message that discreetly says a lot more than the words convey.

Your email signature should only include the most important details such as

  • Your name, role and company
  • Your best contact details – email, phone, mobile
  • A small logo image or text highlight helps reinforce your brand


Wile E. Coyote
Director – Acme Anvil Co
e: wecoyote@acmeanvilco.comm: 0400 00 123

If appropriate, include one or two of your social media links (Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter…).

Wile E. Coyote
Acme Anvil Co
123 Desert Hwy
PO Box 333876Badlands, UT, 33000
t: 123 456 7890
m: 1234 567 890
f: 123654 0987

Don’t list every possible contact channel that you have. An all-inclusive email signature that scrolls on for pages just drives people nuts. Keep it lean and clean and people will like it and it will work for you.

Outlook allows you to create, store and use a variety of signatures and you can craft up a signature to suit each of the many hats you might wear. That allows you to sign off in a way that is relevant to the particular business that you are communicating about.

I believe a handcrafted email signature is perfectly adequate and has the benefit of being easy to change and works in text and HTML formatted email. But if you want a slicker looking signature then try a service like Signature Generator ( which will build you a very good looking signature very easily that you can copy and paste into Outlook and other email clients.

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