Your Business Website

Your business website is the public face of you business and centre of your marketing communication activities.

However a business website is much more important to you than just presenting a pretty face and showing off your products and services . Your website can also be sales and distribution centre, a support centre, a marketing intelligence machine and much more.


Through a process of discovery and strategic planning we will help you define the website that will fit your business needs now and into the future.

The possibilities and distractions are many and tempting. We'll keep you informed, focused and on track to deliver teh best outcome for your business.

Website Functions

  • Save Money

    Your dedicated 24/7 communication channel that is easier to access and cheaper than any other form of advertising or promotion available.

  • News

    Keeps people informed of what new and exciting. keep your customers up to date and excited about new things.

  • 24/7

    Your shopfront, office, service department is always open so your customers can do business with you when ever and from where ever they choose.

  • Wide Reach

    Expands your market as far as you want. No geographic limitations. Target local business or service customers where ever they might be.

  • Showcase

    Showcase your products and services with words, pictures and videos. Show people what they can have, why they would want what you have to offer and why they should want to do business with you.

  • Time Saver

    As a self-service information resource your website provides direct access to your information and help without requiring your dedicated attention.

  • Customer Service

    Lift your customer service through the roof using your website to answer questions and to provide direct help around the clock.

  • Market Research

    Learn about customer needs and concerns through useage stats, surveys, interactive pages and more.

Website Package

Your website package comprises several essential components described below. Depending on your business needs, it may also comprise specialised components.

We'll help you research and evaluate the components that are most valuable to your needs and integrate them into your business website.

  • Your Website

    Obviously you want facilities to host your website. Important features to your website include host management, CMS, backup, security and maintenance which may be included or extras.

  • Email

    Your email is included as a vital service. Performance and security add-ons might include spam/virus filters and other robust management tools.

  • Domain Name

    Not a usual inclusion in a website package but a technical necessity and an essential part of your business identity, brand and intellectual property.

  • Management

    A website package is a bundle of products and services that work together to deliver what appears to be a simple outcome. Selecting, configuring and managing the components is a specialised role, unique to each business.

Website Technology

Constant change is a factor of business and technology. So it follows that the best technology of today may not necessarily be the best for tomorrow. Website technology is developing rapidly and we recommend two principal options - WordPress and Weebly. We can help you decide which is best for your business.


Wordpress is currently the most powerful and efficient system on which to create your business website. Wordpress is used by all echelons of business. It is powerful, flexible, popular and low-cost. What it cannot handle it can integrate through special purpose services to give you seamless and reliable business outcomes.


Weebly delivers what we believe is the future for business website technology. Easy to use, easy to manage and with powerful built-in features, Weebly is ideal for the business that want to manage its own website without getting caught in a technet that distracts you from your core business.

Corporate Website Template Solutions

Corporate bodies such as manufacturers, distributors, franchisers seeking to standardise website product and service information, links and interfaces used by  a consistent yet flexible and customisable website solution for dealers, associates, franchisees

Manufacturers, distributors, franchisers and similar corporate bodies can help their business partners by providing templated website product and service information, links and interfaces. We can provide a standard corporate website template for your dealers, associates, franchisees that will ensure that product information and presentations are compliant and accurate, yet customisable and extendable to match the business identity of your business partners.

Help your partner businesses succeed by fast tracking their online marketing and saving with economies of scale through templated website content that you approve.

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