Web photography

Digital Business Media partners with selected professional photographers, graphic designers and fine artists to create outstanding visual images for your website, print or display requirements.

All work is coordinated and directed by Digital Business Media staff so you get exactly what we need to produce the finished work.

The widespread access to digital photography today has given rise to the common belief that anyone can take photos for their company website.  Sadly this is not the case.  To display your business in the best professional light you must use the best possible images and this means professional photography.  The web gives you great access to potential customers, but a very limited opportunity to grab their attention.  The site that communicates best is the one that gets the job.  Crisp, clear and exciting images sell your business more than anything else on the web.

Web photography needs a special set of photographic skills and artistic direction. Our photographers and image stylists have web design experience or experience working closely with web designers to achieve the look you need with the best possible quality.

Web photography includes product shots, portraits, illustration, landscape, industrial, studio and on-site work.

Post-production may include retouching, image manipulation, resizing, integration with illustrations or other artwork and a host of other operations that could be required to complement your web design or presentation needs.

Panoramic Photography

360° panoramic images are a very effective way to show off any kind of spatial environment.

Visitors can see an entire 360 degree view of a room or space from your website.  Controls are provided to allow visitors to pan, zoom and tilt the viewpoint to see the part of the image that is of special interest.

Panoramic images are the perfect way to illustrate the following subjects;

  • Realestate for sale or rental
  • Accommodation – hotels, motels, B&B
  • Event and conference venues
  • Parks, playgrounds, outdoor entertaining spaces
  • Landscaping, earthworks, plantings
  • Architecture and large scale engineering
  • Restaurants, cafes
  • Retail spaces

Panoramas are easily and effectively incorporated into webpages.

They can enhance a company website, a personal website or any form of advertising or communication that uses the Web.  For example if you are selling anything on eBay or the Trading Post that can benefit from a panoramic view, we can provide you with everything you need to present your products visually.  Your panorama or “virtual tours” (and still images if you choose”) can be configured to pop-up in a slick web window completely independent of the system you are using to sell your items

Panoramic and still images can be combined with text and floor plans to provide a comprehensive Internet presentation of properties – whether they are for sale, lease or short-term hire (like conference, meeting or training facilities).

The floor plan image shows the limits of the space and how the various areas are related.  It also allows the visitor to select the panorama or still image to view.  Panoramas provide a controllable spatial view of the main areas.  Still images provide more specific details of the space.

Panoramas, walk-throughs and still images in any combination together with floor plans and even custom navigation panels can be created specifically for your purpose and can even include your own company branding.

Digital Business Media can provide all these services for you.