Web hosting

Digital Business Media provides a range of hosting options through its web hosting division clickonit.com.au

Hosting technologies include Linux-based systems (Cpanel controlled) and Windows based systems (Plesk controlled).

A variety of plans are available to suit any purpose.

We also offer hosting physically located in three key geographic locations to serve different markets…

  • USA – Amercias and Canada
  • Australia – Asia/Pacific
  • UK – Europe

The majority of our clients find that shared hosting solutions are perfectly adequate provided all the necessary precautions are made to minimise risk of interference from hackers and attackers.  However, if you require higher than normal levels of security or failsafe reliability, please contact us with your requirements.  We can offer cost-effective hosting solutions customised to meet your specific needs.

Start your hosting account immediately

Proceed directly to www.clickonit.com.au. There you are welcome to simply signup online to create a hosting account.  Payments can be made online and are processed automatically giving your virtually instant access to your hosting system.  All the information you need will be sent to you by email and further details are accessible online from your comprehensive online Control Panel.

Turnkey Setups and Custom Configuration

If you would profer Digital Business Media to set up and commission your site and services then simply hand it over to you when it is running, this can be arranged for you.  Please use the Contact Form to initiate a request for service and we will be happy to contact you to discuss details.

Web Host Pricing

Please visit www.clickonit.com.au for current pricing and specials

Ultra High Reliability Systems

Our hosting services provide a 99% uptime guaranatee, which is always exceeded in practice.  However should you require 100% uptime guarantee we can provide a clustered fail-over hosting solution (full time redundant backup service with fault detection, instant cut-over and restoration services) we can provide this for you.