Web design

Web design is a multi-skilled craft and many skills are only acquired through experience.  A successful web design works within the many technical constraints imposed by the medium.  It incorporates creative design and appeals to a specific target readership.

Websites can be produced using various proprietary tools and methodologies and even hand-coded if necessary. Methodologies like content management systems (CMS) work by separating content from system. There many outstanding benefits to CMSs that give them a very distinct advantage over the proprietary and traditional ways of creating websites.

To name just a few benefits;

  • increased security
  • multiple access levels allow many people to collaborate on providing content
  • complete separation of technical and creative inputs
  • instant graphic design changes through templates, themes and skins
  • validation and standards compliant documents
  • rapid creation and deployment of massive sites
  • built-in and automated seo, platform-detection, scheduling, version control and more

For speed, compliance and scalability nothing beats a CMS appropriate to the task.

Consider a custom designed website when

  • Your website needs to match the look and feel of your existing corporate image.
  • You can’t find an “off-the-shelf” template design that meets your need or reflects the image you want to present.

We can design a website to reflect your corporate image and match the presentation style you already use in your stationary, literature, colour schemes and so on.  Consistency in presentation is the key to creating a unique image that is recognisably associated with your company.

Alternatively we can create a completely new and unique site design for you.

  • Original design
  • Adaptation of corporate graphics
  • CMS solutions including custom template and theme creation