Website Maintenance

Protect Your Website Investment With Regular Maintenance

The key to reliability is regular maintenance and your website is no different to your equipment, home or car in this respect.

The components that work together to make your website are constantly being updated and revised. To stay ahead of unwelcome attention and keep your site healthy and online, every website needs constant ongoing maintenance to update software and plugins, check for error conditions and malicious activity.
You have invested in software technology that is updateable and reliable in order to beat hackers and cyber criminals who not only steal from you and your clients but can trash your reputation and seriously disrupt your business.
The best way to keep a reliable, error free website is to keep it properly maintained and becoming a moving target rather than a sitting duck. Failing to do so leaves you exposed to dangerous, damaging and potentially ruinous activity.
Even just the passage of time can change the effectiveness of your website and the risk that your business is exposed to. In accurate details, broken links, misuse of your images and resources can affect your costs and damage your reputation.
Don't let this happen to you! Regular essential website maintenance will help keep your website reliable and error free.

All packages include the following tasks...

  • Site monitoring
  • Malware security scan
  • Abnormal activity check
  • Error log check
  • 404 check
  • Disk check
  • Traffic check
  • Suspicious activity review
  • Monitor response check
  • Database/Files backup and/or backup check
  • Update WordPress
  • Update theme
  • Update plugins
  • Review/scrub comments
  • Report
  • Additional work at discounted rates

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Maintenance is Your Best Insurance

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