Google is the leading search engine and parts of keeping that position is built on helping website owners to improve their findability and success in connecting searchers with information and service providers. Google offers many tools to website owners and getting setup with a Google account and using the resources it has to offer is imperative if you are to be successful online. We can get you started and teach you how to leverage these resources, many of them free,  to your advantage.


The Google AdWords program is a very effective way to get very high numbers of targeted traffic to your website and high sales conversion rates from this traffic.

Anyone can easily join the Google AdWords advertising program.  This is a pay-per-click (PPC) system meaning you only pay for advertising when someone actually clicks on your advertisement and is transferred to your website.  Managing your AdWords account is easy and Google place a lot of controls and reports and advice at your fingertips.

Even so, there is scope to burn a lot of money off into space if you approach AdWords on a trial and error basis.  Digital Business Media can get your AdWords campaign into shape, setup all the necessary ads, campaigns and landing page to start you off.  We then help you analyse the campaign results and reports and help you to fine-tune your campaign to maximize return on your advertising dollar.

We have created an AdWords KickStarter package to get you up and running with AdWords quickly and profitably.  We aim for a 10x return on your monthly AdWords budget with results right from the first month. We prepare your site for optimum reception of customers, set up your campaign, launch it and monitor it for the next month, fine-tuning as required.  We engage you in the AdWords process and after a month you will have sufficient knowledge and confidence to maintain and extend your campaigns yourself.  Naturally, if you prefer, we can continue to manage your advertising campaigns.

Our Google AdWords KickStarter Package includes:

  • research, analysis and selection of the best appropriate keywords
  • development of an ad campaign
  • creation of up to three text ads for use on Google
  • creation of a landing page for your campaign
  • analysis of companion content sites to advertise through
  • implementation of your ad campaign
  • weekly reports and analysis for the first four weeks of your campaign
  • fine-tuning and tweaking of your campaign over a month to optimise your results

We share all this information with you as we go and encourage you to get involved in analysing and fine-tuning the campaign in progress.  The goal is for you to be confident and competent to continue running your own AdWords campaigns after four weeks on-the-job training.  The KickStarter Package is a single fixed fee (under $700) and is exclusive of your Google advertising budget which you pay directly to Google and in which we have no interest.

If you are already using AdWords and want to reinvigorate your campaigns the AdWords Kickstarter will get your campaigns back on track and bringing in the orders in no time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is provides you with comprehensive website traffic data and analysis, absolutely free.  Our virtual assistants can set up your Google Analytics account and provide training and reference materials to get you up to speed on reading and interpreting Analytics reports.

This will help you better understand how visitors are using your website and can use that information to modify business or communications activities.

Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools is Google’s way of making sure it can find and index all your pages without relying on menus and spidering robots. We create your sitemap and upload it into your Webmaster Tools account and show you how to analyze and interpret the reports.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the online directory setup of choice. If you only list in one online business directory, then this has to be the one. Setting up Google My Business is meant to be a DIY exercise, but you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration getting our virtual assistants to do it for you. More information on Google My Business…