Virtual Assistant


Need a hand?


It’s no secret!

To stay ahead of the competition your digital marketing requires constant attention.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Doing nothing is not an option. Your online and offline business will go backwards and you will end up worse off than if you had never dabbled with digital marketing in the first place.

Doing it yourself – alone and with help – are options that we encourage and our online training and coaching programs are in place to support you there. DIY is economical and has great benefits. The biggest dis-benefit is that it is SLOW and you will suffer from the inevitable MISTAKES that you will make along the way. A great way to learn, but your bottom line will also take a hit.

The most efficient and fastest way to execute and manage your essential digital marketing tasks is to Get It Done For You.

The best way to Get It Done for You is to engage a Virtual Assistant – your on-demand digital marketing services expert.[/text_block]

Your Virtual Assistant

  • Digital Expert

    Informed and experienced in managing backroom digital marketing tasks and with expert initiative.

  • On-Demand

    Just a few hours a week  may be all it takes to attend to your digital affairs. Overhead free, on-demand efficiency.

  • Dependable

    Consistent, reliable performance. Your essential website and social media tasks done without fail, without fuss.

Where you could use a Virtual Assistant?

Website Maintenance

Stay ahead of hackers and cybercrims and keep your website in good health. Give it the love and attention it needs to keep software and plugins updated, comments checked and the system scanned for errors and malicious activity. Website reliability is key and failure to keep your website in tune exposes you to dangerous, reputation damaging and financially ruinous activity.

Internet Advertising

Spearhead your marketing campaigns with paid advertising. It’s the easiest way onto the page one Google search results and finds your ideal customers with laser precision on Facebook. Your Virtual Assistant will help you plan your campaigns, set them up and run them for you, tweaking and adjusting as required to run your campaigns smoothly and effectively. Learn as you go and take advantage of having an advertising expert working on your digital marketing activities.

Web Content Management

A dynamic business with an effective website continually needs new fresh content, sales pages and delivery mechanisms setup and edited, blogs maintained and Search Engine Optimisation adjusted. Your Virtual Assistant with the special skills and constant contact with evolving new trends and techniques can manage all the details required to provide new content, landing pages, autoresponders, mailing lists, e-store management it takes to keep your online business in action.

Social Media Management

Establishing your social media channels and building an efficient marketing machine is a special skill that takes time to acquire and constant involvement to maintain. It pays to have an experienced expert on your team. Your Virtual Assistant can manage all your social accounts and ensure that your business messages are raising your profile, building your presence and growing your online reputation.