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The major obstacle to working with digital media is not that it is intrinsically difficult, many aspects are really quite easy for anyone who can find their way around things in a browser.

The major obstacle is that most people don’t know where to start, what to do and how to keep up.

DBM helps solve this problem by providing online training that is;

  • practical and results-oriented so you achieve business results as quickly as possible
  • easy to follow with videos and step-byb-step instructions
  • self-paced – learn when you want and go as easy or as hard as you want
  • resourced – supplemented with checklists, cheat sheets, schedules and templates

Training programs cover a wide range of digital marketing and business skills and our course list is growing weekly.

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Starting a training program and finishing it are two ends of quite a long stick. Sometimes it is not easy to see how you can apply the knowledge and skills you are developing to your real life working situation.

To help get the most out of any of our training program we also offer coaching, where you get the opportunity to interact with a business or digital marketing expert. Coaching enables you to ask questions and get answers so that the problems you are training to solve actually get dealt with. As well as the practical outcomes, your understanding of the subject you are training in is greatly enhanced and extended by the coaching process, so that you experience a wonderful professional and sometimes personal growth as a result.

Group coaching

Coaching is delivered online in a group coaching environment led by an experienced business and marketing coach. Coaching also connects you with a private peer network of students at all levels with the same business and marketing issues and concerns as you.

Coaching options are available when signing up for training programs and readily accessible while in training.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching is also available to work with you on your particular project. 1:1 coaching turns the engagement around a little focusing on your project viewed through the lens of the the training program you are undertaking.

1:1 coaching is also available in a general sense, drawing in learning and experiential resources as required as you work your way through your role or your project with the expert backup of your DBM coach/mentor.

We limit the number of 1:1 coaching clients in order to be able to provide high quality of service. Consequently this service is not always available on demand.

To speak with us about 1:1 coaching schedule a call

Or to find out more about 1:1 coaching and join our waiting list (you can opt-out of the list at any time).

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