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your business can now use social media to tell your story, and demonstrate your expertise on a global scale in real time with very little cost.

Business Victoria Government of Victoria

In our highly-connected business world, social media is an integral part of business. Many even say it is the future of workplace communication.

Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce (VECCI)

The Social Media Crash Course is delivered via email - one per day.  Each email contains a building block of information so that day by day you gradually build your knowledge of social media for business.

Learning this way is easy. It require little time and you already read your email anyway. If you sign up and find that it's not for you, no problem. Opt out. End of story.

Oh, and its absolutely free.

Here's what you can expect from this crash course...

  • What Social Media Is

    Learn how social media works and how it gets successful results for businesses of all kinds.

  • Why You Should Care

    Learn about the many business benefits that social media brings and how to target them and achieve your goals.

  • Your Options

    Learn the three options that you can act on right now to use social media effectively in your business.


More social media options for your business...

Social Media 1.01

Brand new social media for business online training course. You'll learn how and why social media benefits your business, how to get started and how to plan and drive your social media activities. It's not difficult once we've shown you how and anyone who runs a business will be able to use the knowledge and techniques we teach to begin marketing their business socially.

Social Media for Business 1.01

Social Media - Done For You

Prefer your social media done for you? Together with you we will create social media strategic plan, set up and integrate your social media channels, and manage you social media activities for you. Participate at any level you prefer, full metrics, management and progress reports at regular intervals. Coming soon.

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