Marketing for Offline Businesses

Putting digital marketing to work for your local business

Start building your offline business with online marketing techniques today.


Offline marketing is all about the traditional business with a physical base and a marketplace based on local geography, i.e. the shop/showroom/factory serving a local community. This is in contrast to a purely online business that serves customers everywhere, unrestricted by geography.

This program will introduce you to the many opportunities the Internet provides to strengthen and develop any local business. The program modules will introduce you to ideas in concept to show you how traditional marketing can be enhanced, extended and rethought, and provide you with practical exercises that you can implement immediately for both short term and long term benefit.

What You'll Learn

  • Enhancing Direct Mail

    How to integrate digital marketing techniques with traditional direct mail.

  • Using Facebook

    How to use Facebook for business to build your customer base and get results.

  • Customer Awareness

    How to avoid the 5 biggest customer turnoffs online.

  • Instant Profit Strategies

    5 things you can do instantly to generate sales.

  • Partnering for Profit

    Exploring partnerships, joint ventures and affiliate relationships.

  • Video Marketing

    How you can use videos to drive sales.

  • Using QR Codes

    The what, why and how of QR codes.

  • Google Places

    How to make sure you’re front and centre for your location.

  • Managing Leads

    Tracking and following up leads through to conversion.

  • Mobile Magic

    How to make sure website is mobile-friendly.

  • How To Use Pinterest

    Build your business with this quiet achiever.

  • Face-to-Face Communication

    The importance of personal attention and how to make it happen.

  • Networking

    Where to find and how to connect with people on and offline.

  • Website Essentials

    What customers need to get instantly from your website.

  • Avoiding Social Media Disaster

    What to be aware of to protect your online reputation.

PLUS additional modules, info-sheets, checklists, worksheets, references and forum access.

Training is delivered online in a secure, private environment. Training materials are provided variously as text, video and audio files and PDF and spreadsheet downloadables (not all programs include all media formats). Access is available 24/7 for 6 months and can be extended if required. Personal coaching to guide you through the program and address your specific business situation is optionally available at signup and anytime during the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWho is this program for?

    Small business owner, managers and staff who what to learn digital marketing techniques that will fit in with their traditional local business and build on their traditional marketing activities.

  • q-iconWhat existing skills are required?

    An interest in marketing and business communication, ability to use a browser, find your way around a computer and online service sites. Most importantly, the courage to try something new.

  • q-iconWhat will it cost to implement what I learn in this program?

    The new knowledge and understanding obtained in the program open the doors to many new activities to help your business. You will choose those that suit your business and your resources, including your time and budget. Every module includes activities that cost nothing in dollars. All activities need some input from you to give it your stamp and an investment of some time.

  • q-iconWhat if I find the learning curve too steep?

    Focus on the modules that are easiest for you to get started with. Complete your favourite modules one at a time. Use the forum to ask questions and see . Request optional coaching for specific help from an experienced coach. You have 6 months access to the program so take your time. You can extend your access if you need to. Our goal is to help you build your business – tell us where you need help.

  • q-iconWhat happens when I sign up?

    When you click the “Get Started” button you will be taken to our e-store.  During the order process you will be given the opportunity to bundle in coaching options. When the transaction is complete your access accounts will be setup and you will receive your program welcome and login details by email.

  • q-iconWhat if I decide this program is not for me?

    Let us know withing 14 days for a 100% refund.  Online training is not for everyone. We understand that and we’re not about to charge you for something you will not benefit from. Some programs are offered in bootcamp (webinar series) format and other interactive formats.We also offer a “done for you” service to implement all or part of what’s presented in this program without any effort on your part. Just tell us your preference.


14 Day Satisfisfaction Test - Or Your Money Back

This program will provide you with information, capability, confidence and results well beyond your expectations. You will need to put in some time and effort to make it work. If for whatever reason within 14 days you are unable to do so, and therefore unable to use this program, we’ll gladly refund your money and look forward to seeing you again when circumstances have changed.