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So many businesses that spend a lot of money on a website and when it's launched, smile and say, "well that's out of the way"! After a few months of non-activity the shine and optimism disappears. The website fails to deliver to expectation and some people even write off the Internet as a poor investment.

The website launch is just the beginning of a continuous and ongoing communications wave that is a new concept for many traditional business operators.  But with the right information, action steps appropriate to your business and a confident plan, your Internet activities can drive your business to new levels of prosperity.

If you're a business owner or manager and your Internet business is stagnant, underperforming or just plain doing nothing, then the Masterplan program is a unique and valuable opportunity for you.

Through the Masterplan program you will develop and implement a long term Internet business strategy (master plan) tailored to your business situation and develop the business, marketing and technology knowledge required with the backup of live expert advice and guidance. The Masterplan program will equip you to confidently drive your Internet business to new heights.

Program Details

  • Developing your company website as a strategic base for diverse Internet marketing activities.
  • Strategic thinking, knowing your strengths and exploring the options.
  • Knowing what the Internet has to offer your business, large or small.
  • Learn and apply the 3 guiding principles of all website activity.
  • Know what your website and your competitors are doing in cyberspace.
  • SEO as a built-in, not as an add-on.
  • What social media does for your business and how to engage simply and cheaply.
  • Cybercrime and bad behaviour is rife. Learn how to secure your assets and your investment.
  • Creatings a flexible and practical long term plan for yoru Internet mareting activities that fits your business.
  • and much more...

Top three reasons to join this training/coaching program:

  • Learn the essential components of an ongoing Internet business strategy and develop a master plan tailored specifically for your business.
  • Discover actions you can take immediately to improve your Internet business and accelerate response.
  • Our unique coaching modules help you apply knowledge and skills to your specific Internet business challenges.

The Masterplan program provides you with 12 months access to training and coaching modules that you can undertake at your own pace, although there is every incentive to complete the course and implement your Masterplan without delay. The modules provide you wit all the knowledge and resources you need to create a master plan for your unique Internet business and start implementation.

The coaching component helps to to combine your new-found knowledge and skills together with your business experience and knowledge of your own situation to really make the learning work for you.

While your membership is current you can can review the training and coaching modules at anytime and continue to participate in the Masterplan Network of other business professionals working through the Masterplan program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to keep to a schedule?

Not at all. You set your own learning and implementation schedule. Modules are released sequentially as you work through them and you can access all completed/partially completed modules while your membership is current. We recommend that you work to a regular study plan, but that is entirely up to you and your own motivation to complete the Masterplan for your business activities.

How can apply your knowledge to my business?

I understand that no-one understands your business like you do. That's why the Masterplan program includes a unique coaching component that is designed to help you combine your existing business knowledge and experience with the knowledge and techniques you will learn in working on your business. Look at me and the other Masterplan coaches as business, marketing and Internet technology specialists, willing to share or knowledge and experience with you. Your challenges are our challenges and  this program will guide you through acquiring the knowledge you need and processes required to achieve your goals.

What is the program format?

The Masterplan program is a self-paced training/coaching program. Membership is nominally for 12 months but most people would aim to complete and implement the program in 8-10 weeks. It comprises a training modules to  furnish you with knowledge, skills and resources and corresponding coaching modules to follow up the learning and help you apply what you've learnt to your specific situations. All Masterplan participants have the opportunity to interact in a the Masterplan Network forum to share questions, ideas and to get to know about one and other and their businesses.

How much value is there in the master plan I will create?

The master plan you create is a long term strategy document for your business. In creating it you will allow for your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and build in flexibility to enable you to adapt and modify to suit the prevailing conditions that may occur. Who know what doors will open or shut for you in the next 12 months? The planning process and knowledge you acquire in the program will help you recognise changes and adapt your plan accordingly. The plan you start with may not be the plan you use next year, but you will always be in control of your destiny. The value is in the process, the learning skills and mindset you develop. Having a plan to follow helps you communicate vision and purpose to others in your organisation. It helps you and your team to focus and concentrate energy on specific goals and enables you to marshal exceptional energy from others around you. Your master plan will help establish you as a strong and capable leader.

Is this program applicable worldwide?

Certainly. The Internet is a global phenomenon and the systems and processes of business planning are equally international. That is not to say that regional and cultural differences that are not important. Quite to the contrary. In developing your master plan, everyone on the Masterplan program will be adapting and flexing the knowledge and tools they acquire to suit specific and often unique situations. This is as much about personal and professional development as it is about business and Internet knowledge and your approach to the challenges and twists that apply to your business and your location are vital in the creation of a master plan that will work for you, where ever you are, what ever you do. Our role is to guide and support you, nurturing your confidence and ability and helping you to shine.

What if this program is not for me and want out?

Simple. Just cancel your membership within 14 days and get your money back. 100%. No questions. No hassle. No delay. I want you to be 110% happy with the value that you get from the Masterplan program and make it entirely risk-free to you.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Alan Lakein

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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