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Business, management and digital marketing training for small business owners and managers

Grow your Knowledge. Grow Your Business

Our training programs have grown out of the many years of consulting in small business development, management and marketing. 1:1 consulting has obvious benefits, but it is also expensive and does not always suit the busy timetable of small business. So we have begun to package knowledge and resources into online training programs that share the knowledge, build confidence and which represent excellent value with absolutely no risk.

Result Oriented Training

  • Relevant information
  • Practical instruction
  • Easy to follow
  • Self-paced
  • Immediate results
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

About Our Training

Practical Outcomes

All our training programs are based on you achieving practical outcomes of direct benefit to your business. In many case you will begin to see practical results by the time you have worked through the first two or three modules.

Background Information

Business and technology go hand in hand and as technology changes, business changes. To stay on top of change you need to understand the concepts underlying the major trends in business technology. Our programs give you overview of the fundamentals that apply to the program you are undertaking. This helps you understand what is taking place, get into the groove and begin to move with the trends staying close enough (but not too close) to the leading edge and maintain a business advantage over your competition.

Based on Our Experience

Our training programs are based on our long consultancy experience in helping businesses adopt digital technology in all its shapes and forms. The training you receive provides you with the same information we provide to clients to use for themselves and the same processes and procedures we use when working for others. Our training programs show you exactly what we do ourselves and why.


Our training is delivered at several levels to suit different learning requirements and budgets;

Crash Courses are short, dense subject primers delivered by email over a week. They're free and intended to give decision makers knowledge of subject and vision of possibilities.

Online training programs are multi-module courses designed to provide background knowledge and specific subject information, develop practical skills and produce tangible outcomes quickly. Self-paced, online programs include downloadable worksheets, templates, checklist and other resources for the fastest possible implementation of new knowledge and skills.

Coaching options help turn the focus of learning around. Instead of focusing on the program subject and leaving it up to you to apply it to your business situation, we focus on your business situation and coach your approach to it, within the framework of the program. A coaching option ensures you will get results and that you will extract the maximum benefit from the program content. Every online program offers coaching options.

Social Media

Social Media Crash Course

Learn the basics with 1 email/day over 5 days.

What is social media? How is it good for business? What do I do?

How do I do it?

Free. Start immediately.

Social Media 1.01

Comprehensive details of what, why, how, when and who of social media for business.

Practical information and training that will endure well beyond the program period.

Self-paced with templates, checklists, worklists, etc. provided.

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Local Social Media

Social media for local businesses.

How to greatly increase traffic and customers through location-based social sites, search engine results, and apps.

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Social Media Management

Learn to manage multiple social media profiles and tasks effectively and efficiently.

Includes worksheets & templates to help you get results fast.

Perfect for people with 2 or more social media profiles to manage.

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Offline Marketing

How traditional offline (a.k.a. bricks mortar) businesses can build on their direct marketing activities with digital marketing techniques.

Reach your ideal customers, build  and maintain relationships for future business.

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Marketing Fundamentals

For business starters and entrepreneurs. Learn the concepts of marketing and get an overview of the major marketing methods popular today.

Learn where you should be focusing your marketing efforts.

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Target Marketing

Do you REALLY know you customer?

Learn to identifying the characteristics, thoughts, feelings and needs of their target market. With this knowledge you will be able to focus your business with more precision and confidence and less risk.

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Business Branding

Create a distinct brand that identifies you clearly in a crowded marketplace.

Tell people your story and what you’re about, so people remember you.

Build a brand people will remember, love, and trust.

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SMART Goal Setting

Without a goal your effort has no direction and no means of measurement.

Learn how to set goals and achieve them using the SMART process.

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Unique Selling Proposition

If people don’t see a good reason to buy from you over your competitors, your business is doomed from the start.

Learn how to define and capitalise on what you do that makes you different.

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Customer Service Excellence

Master the techniques of customer service and you will have found one of the simplest ways to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

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Time Management

Do you use your time well?

Do your staff use their time well?

Learn how to get more done with less stress each and every day.

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