Build An Amazing Website Fast for Your Small Business!

Create awesome marketing sites with simple point and click software

CMS sites like WordPress sites are popular and powerful for business, but they need constant ongoing care to stay safe and reliable.

Get a great business website and get on with business. Leave the hassle of software updates and security to someone else.

  • Great Themes

    Many great pre-configured themes to choose with a single click of your mouse.

  • Drag and Drop

    Easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder lets you move content components on to your pages arrange to suit yourself.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social media ready so all you have to do is connect to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more and let your readers share your content as well.

  • Mobile Responsive Pages

    Mobile-ready responsive themes are good to go out of the box. One site for all devices.

  • Powerful, hands-free hosting

    Fast, secure cloud hosting with all tech management is managed for you. Nothing to learn. Nothing to do.

  • Incredible blogging platform

    Excellent blogging tools with easy  image and video hosting and management features.

  • Easy form builder

    Create and manage as many forms as you need with powerful back end processing and data collection facilities.

  • eCommerce Ready

    Sell physical and digital goods and services easily through common payment gateways. Google Apps for Business integration.

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Fast. Easy. Affordable.

A simple website solution call Weebly that will achieve 90% of what's needed in a website with 10% of the effort and investment normally associated with a custom site development.

Get a fast, powerful website up and running for business within a few short hours and then focus on your business and marketing activities free of technical concerns and ongoing attention.

If you would prefer to have your Weebly site "done for you", by all means book a time (click the icon below) to discuss your needs with a Weebly expert.

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Doesn't Weebly conflict with clickonIT business web hosting? +

Weebly is not in conflict with clickonIT. It's in a different league.

Our clickonIT hosting business unit provides a tried and true Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) web hosting environment with a strong bias toward supporting WordPress CMS  systems. This technology is very popular worldwide for its robust and reliable performance, constant improvement and relative ease of use. This hosting environment is extremely powerful and economical. It has served our clients well over the years, and will continue to serve many for years to come.

However, for some clients other technologies and service combinations are more appropriate. We believe that the Weebly website solution is perfect for many businesses. It's off-the-shelf facility is great, it's learning curve is gentle and it's cost of operation is low.

Weebly website technology enables businesses to thrive and develop. Our aim in encouraging business to use Weebly technology is to is help them use it together with other digital marketing technologies to grow their business. Digital marketing technology should be a business enabler - not a costly obstacle.

We're excited by the Weebly website solution because we see it as a shining example of the future of websites and website hosting. This is the future of business websites and it's available right now. Very powerful. Very affordable. A smart business choice.

How does Weebly compare with Wordpress? +

WordPress is a very popular, powerful and flexible content manager.It's great strengths are also its greatest weaknesses. To maintain a secure reliable site requires constant ongoing maintenance. On the other hand Weebly system software and hosting is fully managed and is completely hands off for you.

How would a Weebly site differ from my Wordpress site? +

A major strength of WordPress is the range of plugins you can use for certain functions on your site. If you're not using WordPress, you can't use plugins, which means that some features of your site may change. You also can't use WordPress templates.

This does not mean that you can't achieve the same goals however. Weebly has a range of tools and integrations that will allow you to achieve the same outcomes as many of the plugins you used to use. For example being able to include social sharing buttons on your site, being able to conduct an online store and accept online payments and collecting email addresses to your mail list manager - all very easily achieved with Weebly.

Weebly's templates are good looking, responsive (work on desktops and mobile devices) and more than adequately customisable for most business purposes.

We view these technical aspects as major benefits as themes and plugins are the major source of security holes on WordPress websites.

By revisiting and reshaping your digital marketing strategy to suit the technology provided by Weebly for your website, perhaps together with some other online services working in the background, you will be able to create a formidable marketing machine and service delivery platform for your business.

Is Weebly suitable for all kinds of websites? +

No. Weebly has a strong and extensive feature set, but it is not suitable for all purposes.

For example where your website is built on a particular plugin with special application functions running on WordPress then Weebly will probably not be able provide you with similar facilities.

If you need to constantly customise your website at the programming level, then Weebly is an unsuitable choice.

If your systems have evolved to a state of complexity and perfect balance that has too much invested in it to change, then Weebly will not suit you.

Each of these are all scenarios are high risk, lack agility and flexibility and are prime candidates for major business failure sooner or later. On discovery of any website with these characteristics we would normally advise a strategic review to minimise risk to the business. However in some cases the need to support legacy technology and systems will win the argument. In the these cases the only sensible path is to rigourously secure the system and begin a strategic redevelopment review to bring your business functions up-to-date, structurally and technically.