Setting goals is fundamental to creating success. Yet in spite of this many of us plough along without goals, or the right sort of goals in the hope that we’ll get somewhere and when we do, we’ll recognise that as the goal we were going for. Some folks believe that they can’t set specific goals without knowing a lot more about how the goals will be achieved. Some feel that it is important to have a clear path known in advance before a goal can be set.

For many others setting a goal is difficult because they’ve never done it before and it didn’t seem to matter much. Setting goals now is obviously unnecessary and well, it just does your head in. Better to walk away and just get back to the “real” work.

Even folks who realise that there might be something valuable in goal setting setting, find on examination that the goals setting process is so simple – how can it possibly make a difference. Or, begin to think that the procedural simplicity of goal setting will be unable to cope with the complexity of actually achieving the goals.

This misses the key point of goals setting. It is not so that you can predefine a complex path to success, it’s not so that you know in advance how to deal with every twist and uncertain bend in the road. It is so that emotionally and intellectually you are committed to a particular important outcome. Setting this outcome as a goal helps you focus and to adapt to the journey which will rarely be direct and easy. Creating a mental commitment, crafting it in a shareable outcome, communicating it with your team and holding it out as a shared point of achievement is the real point behind goal setting.

As well as making achievable the most ambitious of goals, there are also the many and varied spin-offs that will also result including economy, efficiency, balance, happiness and more.

Get started setting goals by learning about the widely known, simple process of SMART goals setting. Applying the principles to your own situation might proove more challenging and this is where two (or more) heads are better than one. You can’t totally outsource goal setting. After all their your goals and it’s you that needs to achieve them – so you’re going to need to be involved. However it is valuable to work through the process with someone else who may not know your business as intimately, but who is able to steer you through the goal setting process and help you hang your business on the goal setting structure. Someone who can point out where information lies and where decisions need to be made. Whether this is done one on one or in a group situation, the value of discussion can catapault you on to another level of awareness and understanding.

Digital Business Institute provides a SMART goal setting program to help you through the process on a DIY basis or with group or dedicated 1:1 workshopping to get your goals sorted and line you up for more success.

Here are some more interesting snippets on the power and efficacy of goals setting in business – and other aspects of life…

4 Problems With The Goals You’re Setting set this random, albeit unachievable, goal because it sounded awesome and completely logical to him. He didn’t set it to fulfill his short, but incredibly lived life to that point. He simply set it because it was a goal he didn’t think was not 4 Problems With The Goals You’re Setting

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals sure that the goals that you are setting are achievable. There’s no point in reaching too far and not managing something as you’ll just feel bad and not try again. Remember most things can be achieved if you break things down into smaller steps. Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Goal Setting & Managing Year-End Pressure

In case you blinked and missed it, now is the time to pause, reflect, and think ahead to goal setting for next year. Do not wait until December or January. It might be too late. As I write this blog for you, I am listening to Queen’s Under Pressure Goal Setting & Managing Year-End Pressure

Don’t just set goals, achieve them are that you, like most everyone else on Earth, hate the whole concept of setting goals. I don’t blame you. Most people say they are going to do the same old thing year after year – some succeed, most fail miserably. I don’t intend to be negative Don’t just set goals, achieve them

Good luck setting your goals in 2016!

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