Search engines matter. They send us a high proportion of our new customers and keeping sweet with search engines must be a high priority for any online business.

It’s importance is exploited by the many services touting their scheme to deliver get-rich-quick search engine optimisation. While there are many reputable and good providers whose services can quickly produce beneficial results, there are a great many more who are simply exploiting business owners’ lack of knowledge in the subject and anxiety in not doing anything about it.

Explaining search engine optimisation (SEO) is tough going especially when there are so many others stirring up the silt and making it hard to see clearly. at the outset my take in SEO is that you must communicate good original knowledge clearly and with some enthusiasm; do so in a way that is within the technical rules; make it easy to find and widely accessible; and provide as many lines of communication back to it as you can. That’s not too hard to understand, or achieve really. If you are sending out your message this way, then it doesn’t matter too much search engines change their rules, your message is authentic, original and technically compliant and that must always be attractive to your true friends, customers and search engines with valuable listings.

Such a view is supported by this wonderful Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

This is such a great reference work I urge you to get straight down to get a PDF copy of the Table to study in detail and perhaps use as an audit tool to question what you’re doing or others are doing on your behalf to maximise your SEO performance potential.

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