Content is king because when everything else is done with, it is the raw information that you provide and that people want. However content is a dish that can be served in many ways. Ideally you will serve it in the ways that your perfect customers find most attractive.

Three simple sentences; yet the fulfillment of good effective content is a complex and  skilled process. There are many factors to consider – the strategy, content type, performance measurement, goals, delivery platform, etc . Depending on your situation some are vital, others maybe not so. But a comprehensive approach requires you to consider all factors in many combinations and alignments to create the formula most likely to be successful in your circumstances.

To visualize ideas and how they might play out I like to work through situations with scenario overlays where the aspects that are beyond my control are mapped out as fixed and the aspects that I can change or at least bend slightly are considered over the top. To use a building design analogy, it’s like mapping out a house remodel on a sheet of tracing paper over the existing floor plan. Testing the variable aspects against each other and against the fixed.

There are many aspects to remember however and an aide-de-memoir is essential and can even be inspirational. Chris Lake has done us all a huge favour in creating his Periodic Table of Content Marketing.

I’ve written a lot about content strategy over the past decade. I’ve also highlighted various niche factors that can help content marketers to succeed, as well as plenty of examples of excellent content. But I haven’t created many visualisations, and recently I have been keen to do one.

Surprisingly, nobody has yet created a periodic table for content marketing, so I thought I’d have a go.

It’s brilliant and I recommend everyone with any remote interest in improving their digital marketing knowledge and effectiveness you have a good look at it and bookmark it immediately.


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