As your business grows and you find yourself juggling more projects and orchestrating activities across the countryside, it only stands to reason that there is potential for confusion, misplaced information, forgotten activities and missed deadlines.

Try as we might it is complicated and time-consuming managing a portfolio of clients and internal business using Outlook, Calendar and whatever filing system you can cobble together on your computer. Furthermore, if you’re trying to implement a structured approach to project management along the lines of PRINCE2 or PRISM or whatever, then some kind of organisational aide-de-memoire is very handy in making sure you’re covering all the bases you need to.

Always looking for an easy solution, I have tried numerous online project management tools over a number of years. Some of them are very, very good and some of them not worth the time it takes to log in. Lots of folks have made top ten lists of the online project management systems and you can Google them for loads of references.

But I’ve finally found one that I can really shout out about.

But what I have to share with you now is a service that has really struck a chord with my business and I believe has increased our productivity by 100% or even more. The service is TeamworkPM and is you need to work with a group of people to coordinate and get results with a group of people, in your office or remotely, then you owe it to yourself to get right on to this service immediately.

Firstly there is the free version that allows you to get your teeth into it and play around on a trial project to get a feel for it and get the hang of the many functions and facilities. It does take a good 30 days of use before you begin to realise just how powerful TeamworkPM is and how much time it is saving you.

Although the interface looks simple, great power lies beneath.

  • Completely abandon communication, file and document sharing via email and the data loss, deletion, misfiling and disorganisation that is par for the course with email. TeamworkPM allows you to organise and share files online so they are always there and easy to find; keep text messages in one place, organised and linked to files.
  • Set milestones to head for and create task lists with inter-task dependencies and links to milestones. Task lists can have sub tasks and all can be assigned to specific individuals or groups with set starting and finishing dates. Save task lists as templates and import them over again on similar projects.
  • Add team members with assignable permissions and access. TeamworkPM automatically sends updates and reminders as required.

There’s much more to talk about, but I believe that just about any business could move entirely into another gear just getting started with TeamworkPM. Those that master it will be moving at lightspeed in no time.

TeamworkPMWe have implemented it throughout project activities at Digital Business Media and it has easily allowed us to manage more project simultaneously and improved the quality of service we have been able to deliver. It is very easy for us to use and very easy for non-technical and technology-averse clients. In fact I thik we may have even converted some reluctant Internet users to the movement.

But don’t take my word for it. Satisfy yourself by trying TeamworkPM out on one of your projects. Check out by clicking on the link below and yes, if you find it useful and subscribe there is a modest referral commission for DBM.

If you find it useful as I believe you will and would like to supercharge your TeamworkPM capabilities, by all means contact us to customise, configure and setup your system for maximum efficiency.

Disclaimer: Digital Business Media will earn a referral commission from subscriptions generated through clicking the TeamworkPM link on this page.

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