Local Customers

If your business relies on attracting  new customers locally Рwithin your immediate geographic area Рand if getting those customers to come back again and again is beneficial to your bottom line, then online directory marketing is a great marketing strategy for you.

Directory marketing involves listing your business in online business directories that serve your target market. It combines several marketing tactics including;

  • content marketing by information on topics of interest,
  • search engine optimisation by including keywords and phrases,
  • social proof with reviews and likes and shares,
  • back-linking to you website from many unrelated websites,
  • building a credible, independent reference to your business that complements and supports all your other marketing activities.

Best of all, in most cases, online directory marketing is free*.

If you only have one digital marketing strategy, then this is the one you MUST have.

Online Business Directories

Planning & Preparation

Like all strategies, directory marketing requires some planning and diligence in execution. It also needs cross-support and ongoing attention to deliver its full potential. However directory marketing is easy enough to plan and manage for even the busiest of business operators – and the pay-off is easily and quickly achieved.

Learn how you can do it yourself. Get our free online directories report and how-to guide and start using the power of online business directories today.

The hardwork is in building your business profile, finding directories to list in and creating your first listing. We also offer a Done-For-You Business Directory Submission service where we will list your business in the most appropriate online directories and then hand you the reins and the instructions to continue maintaining your directory entries into the future. Ongoing maintenance is also available, so you never have to concern yourself with managing or updating listings and your business is always up to date, easy to find and looks good.

* Most online directories allow free listings and maintenance and can deliver excellent results. Those directories that charge for listings often have unique characteristics that can improve customer targeting for specific businesses. Free services can provide a great response and allow you to develop your directory marketing skills. Build your skills and do due diligence before listing with paid directory services.

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