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Online Business Directories

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Online Business Directories
Done For You


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Your Online Directory Marketing Strategy

Using free online business directories to promote your site is a great marketing strategy. It puts your message in front of “ready-to-buy” customers, it builds credibility, encourages customer feedback (aka word of mouth advertising), builds great back links and most importantly, it’s free.

Our free report explains how directories work and how you can capitalize on them to create business benefits on many different levels. But even though you know that it has to be beneficial to get your business listed in directories, you’re probably already overloaded with day to day work without looking for another task!

Here’s a golden opportunity to instantly cut through the time obstacle.

Get free online business directories working for you now.


You KNOW What Online Directories Can Do For You

  • Loads of exposure to customers already looking to buy what you sell
  • Repeated opportunities to showcase your business and compete business business with your rivals
  • A big jump on competitors who haven’t yet worked out the benefits of directory listings
  • Lots of high quality backlinks pointing to your website
  • Real credibility from independent reviewers
  • Easy opportunities for customers to share their experiences with new buyers
  • A high-performance, low cost marketing channel

This Is What We’ll Do For You

  • Create a professional directory profile for your business
  • Add your business profile to the top 15 online business directories on your behalf
  • Provide you with the tools to manage your listings going forward
  • Show you how to stimulate customer feedback through your preferred directories

Online Business Directories - Done For You


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I order?

You get an info/preparation pack by email. We’ll call you to talk about the strategy and polish the details. We’ll get to work listing your business and provide you with a completion report, listing management chart and ways you can maximize ongoing value from your directory listings.

How do I measure directory performance?

You can monitor traffic stats through Google Analytics and some directories provide access to specific performance stats. We provide you with details of all directories listing your business and access details to accounts created on your behalf.

Which online directories will my business be listed in?

The top 15 directories in all. Too many to list here but you can see them all (and learn how to list your business to each of them yourself) in our free report.

My business targets markets in Australia. Will this help me?

Some of the directories in our standard list only accept US-based businesses. We have a FREE extra list of Aussie directories for Aussie businesses and will replace US-only directories with Aussie-only directories in our Done For You service.

What am I going to have to do?

We’ll prepare your business profile from information that you provide so we will need you to help us with that. We will guide you as to what is required and in most cases you will be able to provide it very quickly and easily. We’ll do everything thing else to get your listings established.

What happens when my business is listed?

Getting the initial listing is a major triumph. There is more you can do to maximize value and up to a point the more you do the better the value. However unlike some other marketing activities, directory listings do not require high maintenance. Responding promptly to questions and comments is the most important ongoing input from you.