Marketing Channels

  • Social media
  • Mobile
  • Automation
  • Owned channels
  • Traditional channels

Your website is the hub for all business marketing activities. Digital marketing, traditional marketing and every other kind of marketing. It’s always advisable to cross-market over a range of channels. Perhaps your most visible or profitable channel is something other than your website.

The best channels to use are the ones that your customers use. The channels they read, participate in and which influence them.

We’ll help you choose the most appropriate and profitable channels for your business, channels that will attract and influence the right customers at the right time for the right reasons. In most cases these will be digital marketing channels, but not always.

We’ll help you plan and implement cost-effective content strategies for routine engagement, specific promotions and ongoing business development.


Socialise, Mobiles, Automate.

the digital marketing trifecta

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are a way for people to share information. Sharing is through public discussions about problems, solutions and experiences.

The benefit to the business is in learning about the issues people face, the answers they like and their experiences.

Social media provides excellent channels for your business to participate in discussions and to stimulate further sharing of the solutions you offer and the experiences of your customers. Social media encapsulates aspects of word-of-mouth recommendation, independent opinion, education, authority and performance.

Customers can interact with you at all stages of the buying process and to help each other to know, like and trust your business.

Learn about ways you can market more effectively through social media and make it part of your marketing strategy.

Mobile Friendly Marketing

All your business and communications must be accessible on mobile devices – tablets and smartphones.

Many people no longer use desktop computers, yet many websites are still not mobile friendly.

Your website and any other digital marketing channels must look good and work properly on any screen size with any type of connection.

Always check how you marketing looks and works on mobile devices. Learn what you can do to improve you communication on tablets and smartphones.

Automated Marketing

Marketing activities are often tedious and time-consuming when done manually.

Computing technology gives us automation which can make repetitive, time-sensitive marketing activities simple and fast.

You wouldn’t hesitate to automate a manufacturing process or administrative process. Digital marketing tasks can be automated too.

Explore opportunities to automate any of the marketing methods you are using. By automating simple, time-hogging tasks you and your staff can be working on creative and innovative activities that can only be done with human brainpower.

We can help you socialise, mobilise and automate your digital communications to maximise your advantage in the online marketplace.

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