You're Invited

The Moreland Business Network is holding it's last event for the year.

Thursday 11 December 2014
6:00-7:30 pm

The Glass Den
15 Urquhart Street Coburg

This is a great opportunity to network with business acquaintances, colleagues, friends and  associates in an informal professional environment.

If you don't go to these events because you don't know anyone or you're not sure about the value, then please come as my guest. At least you will know me and I will make sure you are introduced to my contacts and guests at a minimuim. As for value well council is paying, so it's food, drink and the possibility of making a great new business contact in the locality.

Please come as my guest

I’ll register you as my guest, introduce you to my circle of guests and make sure that you’re included and not left alone.

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Register yourself and your own organisation and get directly involved with the Moreland Business Network. The Network is a local business initiative of Moreland City Council.

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