Author Neil Patel says that “growing your web traffic can be an overwhelming task”.  I agree. In fact it is so overwhelming that many people give up after a very short period of time. Many of these remain bitter that the promise of the web as a marketing medium is all hype and that they will never waste time on it again. Unfortunately for those who  give up, the future does not look rosy, because those of their competitors who do not give up will rapidly grow and adapt their business and process to accommodate digital marketing as a part of “the way things are done”.

Yes it is a big job to grow your traffic and your drive your business online, but it is the future, and those who persist will survive while those who do not will wither.

However, the path to great traffic is not found through magic or the black arts. It is a simple and logical approach that has been beautifully discussed in Neil’s online article “Double Your Traffic In 30 Days”.  This excellent resource is freely accessible by anyone and I guarantee you that with the discipline and perseverance to act on the information provided there, anyone can have web traffic success.

Is that all you need to know about creating fabulous web traffic? Well its a very good start, but no it’s not. Each of the aspects discussed is a complete subject area within itself worthy of further study and experimentation. Depending on your business, some aspects will be more important than others. Application of concepts will vary. But this is a great discussion of just about everything that’s important in one place and in a sensible sequence.

Check it out and leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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