Cleaning Up After a Malware Attack

Malware attacks on your website can occur and continue without you ever knowing you have been hit. Until your site is blacklisted and people complain that they are not getting your emails.

Once your domain is blacklisted the effectiveness of all your Internet activities falls away to zero. Worse that that your reputation is badly damaged and customers will be reluctant to continue contacting you.

So what can be done to avoid the damage to your business from malware?

  • The risk of malware attacks can be minimised.
  • Site sanitation can be monitored.
  • When malware (or any other infection) is detected remedial action can be taken BEFORE your domain/website/emails are blacklisted and site security strengthened to guard against further attack.
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Prefer to get this done for you?

Guarding against website malware infection is a highly specialised and tedious task. It is a prime candidate for outsourcing, but who can look after this for you?

After repeated attacks on one of our own magazine websites we decided to engage and the results have been spectacular. Sucuri was able to remove residual and concealed malware backdoor infections that would otherwise have remained invisible and constant sources of reinfection. Thereafter, a combination of daily software updates (WP-Guardian) , Sucuri’s firewall protection and ongoing monitoring has delivered a fault-free, reliable and secure service. Well worth the investment in lost traffic through downtime and restoration work. should be a high priority for all business websites.


Sucuri Security

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