Business strategy and planning with emphasis on digital marketing and operations.

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  • Business Planning
    Business Planning

    Basics of business planning. The component activities are dealt with in more detail in other infosheets.

  • Business Identity
    Business Identity

    First impressions count and the public perception of your business is formed by the way your customers come into contact with any aspect of your business identity. Close attention to how your identity appears across every aspect is vital to build trust and understanding with your customers.

  • Business Blogging *
    Business Blogging *

    Your business blog is your front-line business communication channel. Integral with your website it carries and build the authority you need to be the "go-to" business for information and advice in your marketplace. Give away information, make business contacts and be found through your business blog.

  • Your Unique Value Proposition
    Your Unique Value Proposition

    What is it that your business does that makes you the undisputed leader and supplier of choice? If you don't know then don't expect your customers to know. Spend some time and effort defining your unique point of difference and you will bring home amazing results.

  • Setting SMART Goals
    Setting SMART Goals

    Setting goals is essential to achieving anything. How you go about it can set you up for achievement or failure. Do it the right way for consistent business success.

  • Digital Considerations When Buying a Business #
    Digital Considerations When Buying a Business #

    Every business has some kind of digital reputation today. It might be strong and visible, it might be weak or tarnished. Whatever it it is it is either and asset or liability that should not be ignored. Learn about a few of the important factors.

  • Digital Considerations When Selling Your Business #
    Digital Considerations When Selling Your Business #

    To achieve the best possible return on your effort when selling your business, it pays to consider the value of the digital component. In some cases the digital value is just as important or more so than the physical component. It's up to you to quantify the benefits if you want your buyers to know.


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