Digital Business Media can custom-build applications from scratch or as a modification or extension to an existing application.

Our custom programming work is;

  • simple
  • effective
  • efficient
  • designed to meet your needs now and into the future.

If you need assistance with a standalone or web-enabled application, do not hesitate to contact us to help prepare your Request For Proposal (RFP) document.

Size and scope of works is no barrier to us and is entirely related to our input into preparing what we will agree is the best solution for you and your business.

Web-enabled applications for business

We specialise in applications that integrate with and enhance existing businesses systems to…

  • reduce errors incurred in form flow (lost paperwork, illegible faxes, transcription error, etc.) and,
  • speed workflow from first contact to order fulfillment

We and an provide a system that will make your operations more efficient with minimal change

We realise that there are some aspects associated with developing your new systems that are very important to you and we are comfortable working within constraints such as…

  • don’t fix what ain’t broke
  • dovetail with existing successful systems
  • minimise apparent change replace existing tedious, error-prone workflow steps
  • speed and monitor workflow from start to finish

Web-enabled engineering systems (design stream, process plant and project management) and database order tracking systems are our speciality.

Custom applications development for engineering design and automated documentation (CAD) Specialist applications developers for construction, civil, mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering disciplines.

Applications development in various languages VBA, LISP, C++ for integrated use with AutoCAD and IntelliCAD as well as standalone operation.

Web-based programming in PHP, ASP and Cold Fusion enable practically any application to be created that will work in in any browser used by any person located anywhere in the world – as long as they have access to the WWW.

Integration of CAD/CAM applications with Web-enabled information systems a speciality.

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