Everyone loves fresh content on a website. Readers love it, Google loves it, you love it. So why is creating new content so hard?

It may help to know that its not just you. The phenomenon of “writer’s block” or, the total absence of ideas when confronted by a blank page, is alive and well in every office.

Everyone should have some kind of plan for adding fresh content to their website. It might be once a week or once a fortnight. The more frequent the better but the point is to do it with some kind of regular routine. Fresh content is an indication of life within your business. It gives visitors a reason to come back, it helps make your website a bigger attractor for people with an interest in the things you write about. All this helps you get your message to a wider readership, which is the goal of any website.

It’s interesting to note that the “blank page” might have something to do with this. When brainstorming or starting a pencil sketch the pure blankness of the page is a very formidable barricade to action.If you find that you’re stumped for an idea to write about a great way to get started is to get rid of the blank page. Start with a page that has something on it. It doesn’t have to be something you created. It can be the work of someone else. If it’s about a subject you have an interest in you’ll very quickly to find something to comment on. If not you might have to work a bit harder to find an angle or a point of view that you can discuss in your commentary.

Here’s a great infographic  from Brian Clark on ways to stimulate your brain to output some choice morsels for the delectation of your hungry readers. There are some great ideas here and Brian has plenty more where they came from. Check out his blog.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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