When choosing a web hosting provider the choice is staggering. It seems that there are millions of providers all vying for your business with a range of different services and facilities for yoru hosting delight.

Here’s where I stand on hosting platforms and why;

Linux is the operating system of choice. It is rock solid and just goes and goes and goes. Windows on the other hand will give you problems that no-one has ever heard of and dont know how to fix. Never use Windows as a hosting platform operating system. The typical Linux hosting platform comprises Linus OS, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming language (LAMP). As a combination this suite is virtually unbeatable for most business situations. The Windows alternative will send you to an early grave or a complete emotional collapse – avoid it at all costs.

Setting up your host on the LAMP platform is one thing, managing it effectively is quite another. To simplify this common recurring task you will use a control panel. cPanel is widely used on LAMP platforms although it is not the only control panel around. Plesk is another common control panel and the one most commonly used on Windows platforms. Not only does Plesk chomp up computing resources already depleted by Windows itself, it introduces a whole raft of application problems that will hold yo back, waste your time and frustrate your visitors. Avoid it. cPanel on the other hand is robust and when it doesn’t work, will not cripple your entire system.  A good cPanel setup includes so many useful tools with which to manage to website you will be pleasantly surprised for months exploring all the goodies and putting them to use.

On the security and insurance front, it is a certainty that one day your website will be compromised either by hackers or technical fault. Files may be damaged or deleted, the entire server may have melted down into a puddle of goo without any warning at all. That happened to me once and all the service provider could do was say sorry. In situations like this you need to be able to restore your site and ALL its configuration settings fast and accurately. cPanel allows you to do just that, provided you’ve taken a backup (which is something you always have of course). But not only that. You can reinstate a cPanel account on ANY other cPanel host, anywhere else in cyberland, which means that your website/email setup is completely portable and not tied down to any particular host. If you have ever tried migrating a non-cPanel site from one host to another, you’ll know that it’s a gargantuan task that is both time-consuming and costly. A cpanel migration is the opposite.

cPanel has my vote.

cPanel cloud hosting services with most if not all of the trimmings.

This automated secure cPanel website (off-site) backup service makes full cpanel backup archives while you’re sleeping and stores then securely off-site, so that if your data centre falls into a sinkhole, you can quickly and easily reinstate your site anywhere, anytime.

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