Nail Your Internet Business Strategy

Take the first step to awesome Internet business performance with a one-meeting strategy session.

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • A highly focussed meeting with an experienced Internet business professional.
  • Clear definintion of your goals and priorities that you can use for inspiration and focus in developing your future activities.
  • A documented strategy plan or business approach addressing your primary goal, giving you a roadmap for the future and highlighting immediate action.
  • A fast, simple, independent solution that will cut through indecision and delay that is holding you back from achieving your dreams.
  • In total, an inspiring and practical time together that will repay the investment many times over through clear thought out and articulated vision.
  • Flexible, conveniently timed online meetings via Skype or Hangouts save you valuable time.

During our meeting time we can cover a lot of ground working toward a solution for you and your business. Outcomes could include such matters as a review of your website or marketing communications, an opinion on work done for you by a contractor or service provider, a review or update of your marketing plan, brainstorming new products, services and opportunities, prepare you for a presentation, polish your proposal to a potential client, and much more.

We may not accomplish final outcomes in a single meeting. The subjects we work on and how we spend the time is entirely up to you. The preparatory work submitted before our meeting will help you get the most value from the session.

Session Options

Session costs start from $275. Sessions can be extended while in progress if you're on a roll and want to push further.

  • Half hour
  • One hour
  • One & half hours
  • Two hours
Book Your Session Now

When booking please be sure to specify the objective you want to achieve from our time together. You will also receive a strategy session preparation document to help plan for the session. The more info you can provide in advance the more profitable your time spent in the meeting.

Meetings can be held in person, via Skype, phone, Hangouts - whatever works best.

Click the Book button above to start working on your new future strategy. You order confirmation email will provide you with a link to schedule your session time.

Pricing is in AUD and is exclusive of GST if applicable.