Developing Your Ideas

You’ve got a great idea and nothing’s going to get in it’s way. But you’d like to get a second opinion, and perhaps a little extra horsepower behind it before going ahead.

I love listening to ideas, grand visions and exciting new angles on old ideas. I love brainstorming them into various shapes to see if they will fly, can be improved or should be put on ice for a little while.

If you have an idea that you want some serious brainstorming on then by all means let’s talk about it.

I will help you submit it to objective an subjective testing and at the very least, whether your idea is fantastic or not so fantastic right now, you’ll walk away with evidence that will support your idea in working with others. If you do shelve the idea for a while our work together will remind you of the approach we took and highlight some change indicators that, should they occur, might signal reviving your idea once again.

To get started with idea development contact me with an outline of your idea and your primary goal. I will contact you within 24-48 hours advising how we will be able to proceed.

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Your Strategy

Every business activity need a strategic plan – a systematic path for achieving the business goals. I work with a small number of entrepreneurs and corporate executives to develop, document and revise strategic planning for businesses with a strong digital component.

Strategic planning is conducted either in one-off meetings or over a series of meetings. As we work with you to formulate your strategy you will have access to a a wide range of resources that will help you understand strategic planning, your personal role in strategic planning process and channels that will build your knowledge a skills in areas important to developing a strategy that has the best chance of success.

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Implementation and Project Management

Having a great strategy is essential. Turning it into great action is entirely another matter. Digital Business Media brings many years of experience in achieving successful projects and is able to execute and manage your plans to bringing them to life as successful business operations.

  • Collaborative project management approach (based on PRINCE2 methodolgy)
  • Extensive technical resources.
  • In depth technical knowledge.
  • Innovative and “can-do” technical capacity.
  • On time and on-budget.
  • Full service agency handling website, email , social media, advertising, creative and management resources.


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