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Many individuals and organisations are caught up in the belief that online business and Internet marketing activities are too hard and need to be outsourced. While outsourcing is a good option in some circumstances, nothing beats having expertise in-house. Furthermore, being able to modify your online communications and activities within your own time-frame is a real winner. Learning to do-it-yourself can be simple, can produce very good results and is great value for money.

Setting up up someone’s Google account is fast and helpful in the short term. Teaching them how to do it and the reasons behind the decisions involved along the way and they become empowered and inspired to begin using the many tools available to maxiimse online business potential.

DBM Internet Business Coaching empowers and inspires people everywhere to maximise the potential of the Internet in their professional and personal lives.

Internet Business Programs

Business Management

  • Professional Business Kickstart – Resigned, redundant or retired professional wanting to start and online business? Here is the info you need to hit the ground running.
  • Trade Business Kickstart – Trades-based businesses are a special category that can benefit enormously from the e-business revolution. Find out how you can get your share of the action.
  • Small Business eCommerce – Want to run an online store but uncertain of the options and pitfalls. Learn how to run an online store where you get to keep the lion’s share of the rewards.
  • Leaning Organisation – Knowledge is power so how are you managing your knowledge now? When a long term employee leaves does all their knowledge walk out the door too? How fast do new employees get up to speed in your organisation? Learn how to make your organisation a earning organisation that generates, stores, uses and shares knowledge to maximum benefit.
  • Plan Your Killer Website – Whether you are going to create your own website or get someone to do it for you, here’s what you need to do to get all your ducks in a row to create a killer business website. Get everyone on the same page so that your website will rock from day one.

Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Accelerator – Get jet propulsion for your business by engaging with social media.
  • Googlize Your Business – Learn how to maximise the potential that Google offers your business for free.
  • Integrate Your Communication – The Internet adds to your marketing mix. It does not replace traditional marketing. Learn how to integrate you marketing messages so that your message is strong, consistent and effective.

Web Management

  • Backup Backup Backup – Backing up your data is vital to every aspect of your online business. Learn about the options.
  • How to stay in business when the Internet is down – What will you do when your Internet access is interrupted for an hour, a day, or a week? Create your business continuity plan and continue with business more or less as usual.
  • The Lazarus Plan – Server meltdown, data theft, hacker attack, office fire. Catastrophic and potentially ruinous situations. But not for the organisations with a disaster recovery plan that you learn to create here. Bring your Internet business back from the dead with a strong disaster recovery plan.
  • Lock up to Data (Business Security) – Protecting your Internet services and the data they operate with from damage, theft and corruption, from outside and within your organisation.

Training & Coaching Levels

Subjects are available in one of more levels determined by the appropriateness of the subject and demand.

  • Training
    Learning packages that walk you through various important sectors of Internet business and marketing. Each package contains a series of modules that build your knowledge sequentially at the speed you choose and the level that you require.
  • Coaching
    Coaching adds an additional dimension to training packages. The training component provides you with the knowledge to achieve a particular outcome. The coaching component helps you work through the decisions you will need to make along the way by helping you apply the  knowledge to your own specific situation.
  • Dedicated Business Goals
    One-on-one personalised coaching to help you define, work through and reach your Internet business, marketing and management goals.

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