Amplimesh Great Australian Giveaway
A Business Bonanza

Make the most of the latest Amplimesh promotion and build your marketing around it.

This promotion is a great opportunity for your business to

  • Sell more products
  • Make contact with more people and create more customer relationships
  • Promote greater awareness in Amplimesh products and your business
  • Build your authority as a security screen provider in your community

As an Amplimesh dealer, you are in a plum position that many other business owners could only dream about. The lion's share of the expense and work in this promotion will be done by Amplimesh. All you have to do is spread the word and attract customers.

So, how are you going to do that?

  • Your website?
  • Your contact list?
  • Your usual advertising and promotion techniques?
  • Social media perhaps?

To get the response you want and deserve, you will need to use all of these channels to maximise your exposure, cut-through the noise and reach the target customers in your service area.

You need quality content - words and images that will resonate with your target customers. You need to be visible in all channels to catch all potential customers. You need to use the capabilities each channel has to give you the edge over your competitors using the same channels.

If you're lucky enough to have an in-house marketing team, then you're probably already on to this and ramping up your activities right now.

If not, what are you going to do?

It is not enough to have some flyers gathering dust in a showroom and just mentioning the giveaway to your customers or reminding them to register for the giveaway draw.

No matter how attractive the prizes might seem, you need to be proactive in your marketing communications to get the most benefit from this promotion.

What if You Could Do It Yourself?

What if you had access to all the material - text and images, already prepared, with instructions on how to customise and use it and how to utilise the most important digital marketing channels you need to make this promotion work for you?

  • Custom Landing Page

    A promotion landing page for your website – specifically designed to promote the Amplimesh campaign, provide all the promotion requirements and include a call-to-action – direct contact with you to arrange a measure up.

  • Custom blog posts

    Five informative, promotional blog posts with images for your website. One for each month of the campaign.

  • Social Media Posts

    Five informative promotional articles you can use on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social blogs to talk up SupaScreen and your business throughout the Giveaway.

  • Tweets

    Thirty promotional Tweets you can schedule for release over the five months (three a fortnight)

  • Image Posts

    Five consumer-oriented image posts you can post to Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

  • Marketing Emails

    Five inspiring promotional emails with strong call-to-action you can send out to your mailing list.

  • QR Code

    A custom QR code you can include in your existing promotions, flyers siteboards, shop window and vehicles that link back directly to your website landing page.

  • Training

    A collection of easy-to-use instructional and reference materials you can use to get started and keep running with digital marketing communication.

Get this hot marketing content to use immediately!

We can provide you with sizzling marketing content expertly written specifically for this Amplimesh promotion and ready for you to use each month as the promotion unfolds. We also provide you with tips and tricks to customise the content to your business and explain how you can add even more content based on what we supply, to increase your exposure, impact and response.

Grab This Limited Time DIY Offer Today

This limited time, not to be repeated offer will expire in...


A single decent security screen order will cover the cost of this information and the skills you will learn in the process will serve you repeatedly in future.

All the content including text and images, formatted and tailored for blogs, social pages, tweets and emails for 5 months of solid marketing. High converting landing page for your website. Detailed "how-to use" information including customisation and extending content for even greater impact and better outcomes. Optional coaching available at any time.

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No Time or Resources to Run This Campaign?

We Can Do It For You

We can take all of the above content, expertly written for this promotion and customise it to make even more relevant to your business and your locality to increase your exposure, impact and response.

  • Custom Landing Page

    Customised promotional landing page – promotion home base – with information and strong call-to-action to put prospects directly in touch with your for quoting.

  • Custom Marketing Content

    Text and images for blogs, social media posts, email and tweets, customised for super relevance for your business and locality.

  • Done For You

    Planned, coordinated, scheduled, posted, responded to, measured and reported on.

  • Business Analysis

    Analysis of your unique value proposition, ideal customer profile, local situation and existing marketing strategy.

  • Marketing Direction

    How-to guide and tips on what you can do to add even more oomf to your marketing and keep the momentum going after the Amplimesh promotion finishes.

  • Mega Bonus

    Customer Service Excellence online training x2 for your reception, sales and customer services staff. Wow customers with service and convert interest into sales. $590 value.

Limited Time "Done For You" Offer

This offer is time-sensitive and the sooner you start the better the jump you will get on all your competitors. There will be absolutely no extensions on this package offer so act swiftly.

Limited time offer. Will not be repeated. Closing in...


5 months of sustained marketing content supporting the Giveaway promotion. Customised, planned, scheduled, posted and followed up with monthly status reports - all expertly and reliably Done For You.

Done For You Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWho is this program for?

    Amplimesh dealers who want to maximise the opportunity presented by the Amplimesh Great Australian Giveaway Promotion by activating their own digital marketing campaign to get the word out and attract customers to the dealership.

  • q-iconWhat existing skills are required?

    An interest in building your business through digital marketing communication, ability to use a browser, find your way around a computer and online service sites. Most importantly, the courage to try something new.

  • q-iconWhat will it cost to implement what I learn in this program?

    The new knowledge and understanding obtained in the program open the doors to many new activities to help your business. You will choose those that suit your business and your resources, including your time and budget. Every module includes activities that cost nothing in dollars. All activities need some input from you to give it your stamp and an investment of some time.

  • q-iconWhat if I find the learning curve too steep?

    Focus on the parts of the package that are easiest for you to get started with. Your skills will develop rapidly as you become more familiar with the processes. Use our support forum for peer group help. Request optional coaching for specific help from an experienced professional or upgrade to the Done For You program. We want to help you build your business – tell us where you need help.

  • q-iconWhat happens when I sign up?

    When you click the “Get Started” button you will be taken to our e-store.  During the order process you will be given the opportunity to access further special offer options. Skip them if you don’t need them. When the transaction is complete your accounts will be setup, you will receive your program welcome and fulfillment by email. This program is delivered sequentially September 2014 through January 2015

  • q-iconWhat if I decide this program is not for me?

    See our 100% refund guarantee below.  Online training is not for everyone. We understand that and we’re not about to charge you for something you will not benefit from. Both programs are delivered entirely by email or if you request coaching, through our coaching portal.

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100% Satisfisfaction Test - Or Your Money Back

This program will provide you with information, capability, confidence and results well beyond your expectations. You will need to put in some time and effort to make it work. If for whatever reason within 30 days you are not satisfied, we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

Limited time offer. Once the deadlines have passed these packages will no longer be available.

DIY Content Pack
Done For You

This offer is independent of Amplimesh or Capral and is not authorised, supported, guaranteed or subsidised by Capral in any way. It is solely an initiative of Digital Business Media, a digital marketing agency with extensive experience in the construction industry, business and digital marketing.

The Done For You offer applies only to companies who have a WordPress-based website and already have social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc) established. WordPress websites and social media accounts can be established at discounted fees if required.