A logical and simple way to impress your brand at every email opportunity is to make your email signature stand out and really say something about your business.

I’ve talked about this last year and recommended readers to search out an email signature generator and get a good looking signature on all their outbound emails.

Typically you want to include some sort of image, whether that’s a mug shot of your good self or a business logo and your contact points (email, phone, website). But why not push the friendship a litter further and include links to your social channels as well? Give people the opportunity to connect with you in any way that they feel comfortable and for many that means through Facebook or Twitter, or maybe LinkedIn. If you’ve got some good messages going out on YouTube then add in a link to your channel  as well.

It’s not difficult to find an online generator that will create a good looking email signature for you in no time at a reasonably low cost.

If you’re looking to raise the bar even further and start including some content in your email signature, then I just found a service that you’re going to love.

I have recently been playing with a service called WiseStamp that enables you to include a range of juicy morsels in your email signature that just could have your clients scrolling straight down your emails to check out your latest signature when they get your emails.

As well as a choice of very professional and interesting signature layouts with images and bars, the ability to include all your preferred social media links with icons, this service also allows you to include;

  • Social media connection buttons.
  • Links to events, signup forms, feedback channels.
  • Sales, blog, webinar, event and mobile app promotions.
  • Dynamic content from your eBay or Etsy store, tweets, blog feed and more.

This positions your email signature as a branded, interactive content element that you can include in every email you send out.

It’s legitimate, unobtrusive, fun and valuable.

Check out WiseStamp.com and get started with their free plan immediately. You can have a slick email signature up and on all your emails in 30 minutes or less for no cost what so ever. The features that really set WiseStamp apart and will make your emails sit up and sing for their supper are available on the pro plan which costs around USD49 pa. For my money this is a great opportunity to garnish to all your emails with a feature that helps you connect and sets you apart.


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