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cpanel hosting control panel

When choosing a web hosting provider the choice is staggering. It seems that there are millions of providers all vying for your business with a range of different services and facilities for yoru hosting delight. Here’s where I stand on hosting platforms and why; Linux is the operating system of choice. It is rock solid…

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Why I Settled on WordPress

When it comes to content management systems (CMS) , for a long time I was a Joomla junkie. After what I was used to, Joomla was just so fast  when getting a new site together, there were loads of components, modules and plug-ins that did amazing things that I could easily and quickly utilise. The…

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Adding Video to the Mix

Internet Video Marketing

Video is a powerful way to communicate a message on the Internet. You can add video to your webpages and build it into your email marketing to really add sizzle to your message. Although lots of people are already doing it, there are lots more who are not. Why not? Because they think its too…

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Creating new website content

Everyone loves fresh content on a website. Readers love it, Google loves it, you love it. So why is creating new content so hard? It may help to know that its not just you. The phenomenon of “writer’s block” or, the total absence of ideas when confronted by a blank page, is alive and well…

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SEO Success Factors

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines matter. They send us a high proportion of our new customers and keeping sweet with search engines must be a high priority for any online business. It’s importance is exploited by the many services touting their scheme to deliver get-rich-quick search engine optimisation. While there are many reputable and good providers whose services…

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Only 24 hours

24 hours in one day

There are only 24 hours in every day. Same time for everyone. How is it that some people get a lot done, while others get very little done. Perhaps there are some ideas here that we could all benefit from… [slideshare id=17820376&doc=26-time-management-hacks-i-wish-id-known-at-20-130328142451-phpapp02] For more behind the scenes info on this presentation see

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Online Project Management

As your business grows and you find yourself juggling more projects and orchestrating activities across the countryside, it only stands to reason that there is potential for confusion, misplaced information, forgotten activities and missed deadlines. Try as we might it is complicated and time-consuming managing a portfolio of clients and internal business using Outlook, Calendar…

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Document your website

What seems like a simple website can often require a complex arrangement of software applications and clever ideas and technology to pull it all together. But not matter how simple or complex the arrangements behind your website to maintain business continuity and provide your organisation with all the information it needs to manage its online…

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