The Complete Digital Marketing Resource For Capral Fabricators and Amplimesh Dealers

Capral-Amplimesh Product Websites

Professional websites populated with all the Capral and Amplimesh products you supply and install. SEO-optimised, user-friendly, mobile-ready. Security and performance management included. Google accounts setup and configured. Everything "done-for-you".

Marketing Campaign Programs

Seasonal and scheduled Capral and Amplimesh marketing campaign strategies and action plans, Text, image and video content provision. Integrated marketing plans and channel programs. Supplied as DIY or everything "done-for-you".

Custom Branding

Custom branding of Capral/Amplimesh supplied materials such as PDF brochures and videos. Make every download link back to your website and include your brand on everything you distribute.

Digital Marketing Resources

Give-aways, info sheets, checklists, care guides, buying guides you can use on your website to help and influence prospects. How-to guides that show you how to increase yoru digital marketing reach and effect. Tools you can use to get more leads and spread your infuence throughout your marketing area.

Digital Marketing For Amplimesh or Capral Dealerships

Get online marketing ideas, tips and special resources, "how-to" marketing techniques and "done-for-you" digital marketing solutions specifically for Amplimesh and Capral product lines.

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Fast, cheap ways to get more sales leads.
  • Professional, ready-to-publish Amplimesh/Capral product information.
  • Customer-attracting marketing content for your website, FB and Twitter.
  • Detailed marketing campaigns you can run yourself or have done for you.
  • Customised marketing materials (brochures & videos) with your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this service different from official Amplimesh & Capral marketing resources?

We operate at arms length and completely independently of Amplimesh and Capral.  Amplimesh and Capral will provide you with leads and excellent high-quality marketing materials. We will show you how to use those resources, take ownership of them and really put them to work for your business.

How much does this cost?

We will provide you with a great deal of information for free and joining our email list is worthwhile for this benefit alone. Other services that involve customised resources or activities that we do just for you will have reasonable commercial rates. In many cases we provide a tiered product structure starting with a low-cost DIY version ranging up to a completely done-for-you version, which obviously costs more but gives you a faster result with no effort required.

What if I'm new to online marketing?

Then this is an ideal way to learn about the power and technology of digital marketing in a business context that you understand completely. Whether or not your business uses digital marketing, it's a certainty that your current or future competitors will. Unless you become involved with digital marketing, your business will wither and die. We will show you what to do, why and how to do it - all relation to Amplimesh and Capral products. You'll get it and if you stick with us, you'll master it as well.


What is the KickStart Marketing Report All About?

This report is a custom overview of digital marketing in relation to Amplimesh security screen and Capral aluminium fabrication businesses. It discusses the technology available to you right now, the marketing resources available to you right now and how to plug one into the other to get your digital marketing started. It also explores the powerful digital marketing opportunities that are yours for the taking and how you can reap even greater returns from all your existing traditional marketing.

What do you mean by ongoing marketing information?

Occasionally (once or twice a month) we'd like to send you free Amplimesh/Capral marketing tips and information about digital marketing products and services of direct benefit to your Amplimesh or Capral fabrication business. This might relate to tailored programs that help you to amplify Capral's national campaigns and focus them for your locality - or seasonal marketing ideas you could use - or techniques you could use to build ongoing business.

What commitment to I have to make?

None. Subscribe today, get the free report with our compliments. Receive an occasional email with helpful information. If you don't find it helpful, unsubscribe at any time.


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