Video is a powerful way to communicate a message on the Internet. You can add video to your webpages and build it into your email marketing to really add sizzle to your message.
Although lots of people are already doing it, there are lots more who are not.

Why not? Because they think its too hard. Don’t you need a high quality video camera and audio gear? Who knows how to edit video and where will I find the time to do this stuff? How do I post videos on my website? Yes it does sound hard. But the reality is, if you have an iPhone, some basic editing software and the right advice, you too can be the next Steven Spielberg. Well maybe not, but you can put presentable video online and use it to help communicate your message to the marketplace.

You can easily get the jump on your competition and create something unique that will really make your online presentation different to all of your competitors. Video is immediately more engaging than text or static imagery and allows you to tell a story in 1-2 minutes that might take a thousand words and still not be as effective.

I’ll be exploring the how-tos and why-fors in more detail soon and posting some video for you to model, but in the meantime check out these amazing free resources…


In particular by signing up for the free service level you can get access to the learning pages of these sites and take away and amazing wealth of experience in low-cost, quality video production.

Check out what Fiona Lewis from has to say about Wistia as a video hosting option.

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