You’re a busy, overworked business manager with a lot of responsibilities, and you really need someone with considerable leadership, marketing, business and technical expertise to work with you in figuring out how you’re going to meet your objectives with the limited resources you have at hand.
You want ideas, brainstorming, support, strategising, and advice from a coach with an outstanding track record in Internet business, real-life projects and many years of experience in both business and digital communications. You want a secret weapon that will help you outmaneuver your competition both inside and outside of your business and help you to clear all the obstacles currently stopping your from achieving your maximum potential success.

We will talk about all your business and marketing stuff, but the real value of our relationship is you having someone who understands where you are in your business and being able to provide an independent, un-biased view of your situation on a weekly. Someone who isn’t impressed by your title and will call you on your opinions and beliefs, but who will respect you and treat you like an equal, which is refreshing if your whole day is filled with subordinates and vendors who think all they have to do to make you happy is agree with you.  What makes you happy is getting things done successfully without too much time, energy, budget and unnecessary drama. At the end of the day, what matters to you is results.

Strict 5 Star Limit

In order to deliver the level of service that I insist on providing in the 5 Star Program, this service is strictly limited to a maximum of 5 clients at any one time.

Packages: Choose the package that best suits your schedule.

  • Good: Six (6) meetings over six (6) consecutive weeks
  •  Better: Twelve meetings over twelve (12) consecutive weeks
    $7490 or $2497/month for 3 months
  • Best: Twenty four (24) meetings over six (6) consecutive months
    $14990 or $2499/month for 6 months

What you get:

  • 6, 12  or 24 private 55-minute sessions with my full attention dedicated to you.
  • An audio recording of each 1:1 session.
  • Weekly online coaching.
  • Weekly accountability check.
  • Full access to the VIP program including the the VIP networking zone, bonus resources and tools for the duration of your 5 Star status.
  • Your own private coaching account online where you can access all resources, book sessions and interact.

Format: Private 55-minute meetings (by phone, in my office, or your office*), online access to supplementary coaching, support materials and resources.
Ideal for: Executives who want direct 1:1 senior-level support; CEOs who need professional expertise to address a the gamut of business, leadership, and Internet marketing initiatives; entrepreneurs launching a new business or product/service line.

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